Personal trainer

Level 3 qualified personal trainer working in the Peterborough area.

i got into personal training after completing my own personal fitness journey and transforming my physique from a 20 stone over weight, lazy, unmotivated individual to a men’s physique competitor who is out to inspire others to take the first step to their new lifestyle.

What I have to offer:

1-1 personal training sessions

paired personal training

diet + training programmes

home workouts

discounted sessions for block bookings





1 review

  1. Amazing trainer!

    Jacob has been my personal trainer for 3 months now, he has been nothing but supportive from day one and is constantly pushing me to reach and remember my goals. As soon as I signed up with him, he spoke to me about my likes and dislikes towards food, and what I what to accomplish with my body and strength. Within a few days I had a food plan sent to me, which was super easy to follow with weights of everything already calculated! I had my first session booked in with him the same week. Jacob is punctual and reliable, making juggling a gym routine with a small child easy to plan and follow through. He’s never let me down, and since starting with him I can see so much positive changes within myself already. From breathing techniques, to how to use equipment properly, Jacob is very supportive and doesn’t mind explaining things to me over and over again when I don’t quiet understand! To turn a couch potato into a gym rat is no easy task, yet Jacob has accomplished this effortlessly. His professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm shines through with every session, and I’m so excited to continue to see results.

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