Passionate Independent Personal Trainer

With my passion and love for health and fitness I have been working on achieving my own goals for several years now.

I have self-motivated myself to achieve my first goal-to professionally compete in a bikini competition! and I have many more goals I am working hard to achieve.

My motivation, dedication and passion has always inspired those around me which is why I decided to put theory to practice so I could focus my passion into helping others to achieve their own fitness goals.

I always work with my clients to engage in diet and fitness plans that are 100% personalized to them-this way they are more likely to stay motivated and achieve their goals. I also have 3 years experience working with young people so have also have a unique way of engaging young people into fitness plans and keeping fit, active and healthy.

I specialize in gym based and outdoor training, including cardiovascular and strength training. No two sessions will ever be the same as I believe keeping things varied.

With my knowledge and background in Nutrition I can also design a food plan that works for you as an individual.

No time like the present! Contact me and let’s get you smashing those goals!!


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  1. Skinny fat man into a moderate shape male!

    Been training together for a few months now. Katie is very enthusiastic when it comes to training, especially when it comes to a leg session!! Has great knowledge about diet to help me put on the weight I desire. Will continue to use this knowledge in the coming future. Thank you

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