Tonicity Personal Training

Tonicity Personal Training works on a ‘total fitness’ approach to training, building foundations with clients from the inside out, working not only on physical fitness but nutrition and the creation of a maintainable, healthy lifestyle and mentality. Helping you to become the fittest, healthiest and most confident version of yourself.

Don’t want to train alone? Grab a friend or get the office involved! All sessions are catered to individuals needs, to suit all fitness levels, abilities and training goals. Prior to booking, a FREE consultation can be taken between the client and trainer.​​

One-on-one training sessions are available in Bourne, Stamford and surrounding areas. Working around a busy schedule can be difficult, decide what works best for your lifestyle. Sessions can be taken at the Universal Fitness Centre, in your home/office or outdoors.​​ Not Local? Don’t let distance stand in your way! If you’re motivated in your training but feel like a bit more guidance could make all the difference, online coaching could be the option for you.


Level 2 Gym Instructor / Exercise to Music (ETM) Instructor / Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer / Kettlebell Instructor / Group Indoor Cycling Instructor / Insanity Live Instructor / PiYo Live Instructor / Padwork Instructor / Suspension Training Instructor / Nutritional Advisor