Andy dyer PT

Weight Management,Cardiovascular, Strength Conditioning etc

Over 8 years service as a Royal Marine Commando and 7 years as a qualified  Personal Trainer, gaining an expansive knowledge into all types of fitness strategies, in a manner to suit all. A passion rather than a job,a self rewarding position as people work to where they wish to be!


Everyone must start somewhere to get somewhere! đŸ™‚.

Mon-Friday 0700-2000


25 pound per hour discount for block bookings


  • Military based fitness
  • weightloss
  • muscle mass
  • plyometrics
  • strength and conditioning

1 review

  1. Exactly what I need to meet my challenges head-on.

    Andy is a top class PT and a great guy too. I’m currently training toward to some Marine/SAS inspired challenges and Andy is the perfect guy to prepare me for whatever they throw at me. His sessions have been designed to push me to failure and then keep going, which is exactly what I need. Andy pays close attention to assess my strengths and weaknesses and work on them to get the best out of me. I used the think I put in 100% when training alone. Andy squeezes at least another 30% from me on top of that. I both dread and look forward to the sessions each week but definitely benefit big time!

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